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Alum Cave Bluffs Alum Cave Bluffs
Nature Hike

Arch Rock, heath balds and cliff faces are some of the interesting geological rock formations you will see on this nature hike up the Alum Cave Bluffs trail.



Mountain Biking Mountain Biking
An Introduction

Nate Field narrates an introduction to Mountain Biking and tells us what you need to have a fun and safe ride.

Charlies Bunion

Nature Hike

© Great Smoky Mountains Association 2010.
A great hike high up in the Smokies and what a view! The 8-mile roundtrip hike to Charlies Bunion will reward you with a broad view of the Great Smoky Mountains that you won't forget. And when you're done, you can say you've hiked on the Appalachian Trail! Watch the video to see what it's like.
"© GSMA 2010. All rights reserved.

Deep Creek
Nature Hike

For some Smokies visitors, Deep Creek is an unexplored area of the park. But those visitors are missing out on a wonderland of water and forests that's just too good to pass up. Come along on a short hike to three different waterfalls and enjoy the sights of Deep Creek in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
"© GSMA 2011. All rights reserved.

Playpaddle Playpaddle

We went down to the Nantahala River near Bryson City, NC  and caught these kayakers honing their skills.

Roller Derby

Hard hitting sports action

Sugarlands Trail Sugarlands Trail
Fully Accessible

Everyone can enjoy the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! This half mile paved trail is self-guiding and fully accessible.

Trout Fishing Trout Fishing

There's no better way to spend your vacation than a relaxing afternoon trout fishing in the cool streams of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Tubing Tubing
Whitewater for Kids

It's true! The best things in life are free.
Mother Nature provides a full day of fun in the cool mountain streams of the Great Smokies.

Whitewater Whitewater

Whitewater adventure awaits!
Watch this kayak and rafting video, then grab a paddle and head for the mountains.

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